Anastassiou Hotel Situated at the entrance to the town and built in a simple neoclassical style, this hotel has a spectacular view over the beautiful lake. Relax in... From : EUR 45.00* external image of Anastassiou Hotel more images... more info
Keletron Located at the start of the North Coast and a few minutes walk from the town hall, this hotel is ideally located for sightseeing. A small building... From : EUR 45.00* external image of Keletron more images... more info
Aiolis Formerly an Italian and German command point during the time of occupation, this hotel is an impressive building in this very picturesque city, with e... From : EUR 55.00* external image of Aiolis more images... more info
Byzantium Next to the national football stadium in the city of Kastoria, you can find a warm, hospitable environment that seeks to fulfil your expectations.... From : EUR 80.00* external image of Byzantium more images... more info
Chloe Hotel This hotel is actually a modern luxurious lodge, beautifully and centrally situated in the town of Kastoria with a view of the lake and the magnificen... From : EUR 85.00* external image of Chloe Hotel more images... more info
Hotel Archontiko Siatistas Combining the traditional and modern trends of architecture and decoration, this hotel offers high aesthetics, luxury and relaxation through enriched... From : EUR N/A* external image of Hotel Archontiko Siatistas more images... more info
Andromeda Boutique Hotel Hotel Andromeda is located in the Kastoria city-centre. Its building has been classified as a historical monument and it is now completely renovated a... From : EUR 105.00* external image of Andromeda Boutique Hotel more images... more info
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