La Locanda di Saunière The hotel is in the middle way from Milan, Lecco, Como and Bergamo, easily and fastly to reach with the street in front of the hotel. Nice and clean,... From : EUR 35.00* external image of La Locanda di Saunière more images... more info
Bellavista Built on the shores of Como Lake in Lecco at the end of the 19th century, this recently-renovated hotel offers spectacular panoramic views over the la... From : EUR 60.00* external image of Bellavista more images... more info
Hotel San Gerolamo Hotel San Gerolamo is set in the charming scenery of the banks and hills of Lake Como. Forget the city and its maddening crowds in a peaceful and quie... From : EUR 75.00* external image of Hotel San Gerolamo more images... more info
Hotel Griso The Hotel Griso is located between the Lake of Como and the mountains not far from the city center. The hotel enhances the style and the good food a... From : EUR N/A* external image of Hotel Griso more images... more info
Jolly Hotel Pontevecchio The charming landscape of the lake of Lecco, rich in echoes of Manzoni's novels, acts al a backdrop to a city which is today at the heart of a modern... From : EUR 125.00* external image of Jolly Hotel Pontevecchio more images... more info
Red's Redaelli Hotel In the beautiful lush countryside of the area known as Brianza Lecchese, in the heart of the province of Lecco, this stylish contemporary hotel offers... From : 75.00* external image of Red's Redaelli Hotel more images... more info
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